The author at his table at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, April 12, 2014.
The mascot of SPACE, Cosmo, endorsing the book. (Photo and mascot courtesy of Evette, of the craft site Evette Makes Things; click on picture to visit site)
Salvete, Amiculi!

I am back, having survived the depths of SPACE. Survived and thrived!

The debut of the Amiculus preview this past weekend was an amazing, exhausting, gratifying experience. The book was very well-received, with the first reader reviews coming in before the first day was over! If you were there this weekend and are coming to this blog for the first time, welcome, my new dear friend! Keep watching this space for news of Amiculus, Volume I!

Now it's full-speed ahead toward the launch of the second Amiculus Kickstarter, coming in early June. A new trailer for the site and campaign is in development as we speak, and will replace the current one on the entry page to the site. 

(To avoid confusion, I'd like to mention there was a 2013 Kickstarter campaign for Volume I, corresponding the current video, that ended...unsatisfyingly. However, lessons were learned, and improvements have already been made for 2014, so I anticipate good things this time around!)

Plus, we're not done yet with the preview! Distribution, comic shop and online digital exposure is all in the cards for this book. Not to mention more conventions! More news as it occurs.

Sorry I can't offer much more than that at the moment. My head is still giddy with oxygen deprivation from navigating SPACE without a helmet. (Anyone else getting tired of these puns? Mea culpa. I'm done now, I promise.)

Also, to anyone has read any version, digital or hard copy, of the first chapter of this series, if you have any comments, critiques or questions about what you just read or what's to come, feel free to comment via the Contacts page above. It may take me a day or two to respond, but I will do so happily. 


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07/31/2015 6:38am

first of all, congratulations for surviving the space! I can feel and see that you put a lot of effort for this and still wanting to see more published books from you! I'm starting to be a fan of yours!


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